Blackworks 2.5" Honda / Acura Adjustable Test Cat

$119.99 USD

Blackworks 2.5" Adjustable Honda / Acura Test Cat

Blackworks Test Pipes are uniquely designed using a slip fit as a means to reduce part numbers and offer better versatility. With so many combinations of header lengths and collector flange clocking angles users often don't know what they need for their application. This unique design offers both adjustable length and clocking to adapt to virtually any combination of header length and collector flange clocking.


Integra 1994-2001 JDM Spec

Integra Type R 1994-2001 JDM Spec

Accord 1990+ JDM Spec

Civic 1988-1991 JDM Spec

Civic 1992-1995 JDM Spec

Civic 1996-2000 JDM Spec

CRX 1988-1991 JDM Spec

Prelude 1992+ JDM Spec (Non-VTEC Only)



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