Blackworks Racing Billet Aluminum Oil Cap - BLUE

$22.99 USD

Blackworks Racing Oil Cap - BLUE

Blackworks Racing Oil Caps are an integral part of any build. Don't let an expensive and impressive build hinge on your oil cap. With repeated test and tune sessions along with engine drains, rebuilds, and fills the stock oil cap tends to take a beating. Replace it with a solid, machined oil cap that will handle run after run and never fail or leak.




Blackworks Racing Oil Caps are machined from solid 6061-T6 (solutionized and artificially aged), pre-tempered aircraft grade aluminum, utilizing CNC mills and CAD software in the engineering process. All design and manufacturing takes place in house, allowing for tighter tolerances, greater process control, and elimination of defects. Oil Caps are milled and then hard anodized for an indestructible finish that will last a lifetime of abuse. Each Oil Cap comes with one O-Ring. Lastly each Cap is laser engraved with the Blackworks Racing name ensuring that each piece is a genuine Blackworks Racing component.


- 6061-T6 (solutionized and artificially aged), pre-tempered aircraft grade aluminum
- Hard Anodized Finish
- Laser Engraved Blackworks Racing name
- M33x2.8 Thread Pitch
- Available in Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Pink, Polished, Black, Gold, and Orange





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